Our growing reliance on computing technologies arises, in part, from our trust in the delivery of expected levels of sustained and correct services despite these computing systems encountering design, operational or deliberate perturbations.

The Systems & Security Group (SSG) undertakes fundamental and applied research, addressing the susceptibility of systems to compromises across the entire systems stack of hardware, software, middleware, and users. The group advocates a data-centric view, to comprehensively explore system-level challenges, spanning data at rest, transit, and over its usage. We research the interplay across vulnerabilities, threats, and impacts in order to provide quantifiably trustworthy (dependable, resilient, and secure) functionality in computing systems.

Our interests broadly cover the design, analysis, verification and validation of systems. Our current focus is on testing, formal verification, security risk assessment, privacy, and the provisioning of trustworthy ML/AI. Our application domains include distributed and virtualized environments, IoT and cyber-physical systems focusing on autonomous systems.

Where to Find Us

We are located in the B floor

Infolab21, South Drive

Lancaster University

Bailrigg, LA1 4WA