• IBM Faculty Award, 2008 (Trustworthy Large Scale Distributed Systems)
  • Intel Research Award, 2008 (Scale-less Data Architectures)
  • Microsoft Research Faculty/PhD Award, 2005
    (Byzantine Fault Tolerant Replication/Dan Dobre)
  • NSF CAREER Awar, National Science Foundation, USA, 1999
    User/OS Transparent Fault Recovery Using Caces
  • Chair-Microsoft Roger Needham Awards Committee@EuroSys, 2016
  • ISSRE 2008 Best Papers Group (Sarbu, Suri et al) Fast tracked in Journal of Empirical SW Engineering
    Profiling the Operational Behavior of OS Device Drivers
  • DSN/DCCS 2007 Set of Best Papers (Serafini, Suri et al) for DSN 07 Fast tracked in IEEE TDSC
    A Tunable Add-On Diagnostic Protocol for Time-Triggered Systems
  • HASE Best Paper Award (A. Jhumka, M. Hiller, N. Suri), HASE 2002
    An Approach to Specify and Test Component-Based Dependable Software
  • DSN Best Paper Award (W.C Carter Award: Martin Hiller), DSN 2001
    An Approach for Analyzing the Propagation of Data Errors in Software