Paul Mccherry


I am a Phd Student working on the Security of the Border Gateway Protocol. Designed in the 70’s, BGP provides core internet communications and is inherently insecure however it is a well repeated fact that it is the glue that holds the internet together and as such is in dire need of security enhancements.


Research Interests

  • Internet Security
  • Network Communications
  • Internet Geolocation



  • Initiate Project –  Interconnecting the leading 5G research testbeds across the UK
  • EasyRes – EASY-RES aims to solve problems in under and over supply of renewable energy  sources due to fluctuations in supply and demand.



  1. DataPlane Broker: Open WAN control for multi-site service orchestration
  2. The UK Programmable Fixed and Mobile Internet Infrastructure: Overview, capabilities and use cases deployment.
  3. Ukko: Resilient DRES management for Ancillary Services using 5G service orchestration.