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Journal Publications

A Security Cost Modelling Framework for Cyber-Physical Systems
Igor Ivkic, Patrizia Sailer, Antonios Gouglidis, Andreas Mauthe, Markus Tauber
ACM Transactions on Internet Technology, 2021
A Categorization of Policy Conflicts in Distributed Systems and Network Management
Sarandis Mitropoulos, Antonios Gouglidis, Vasileios Giotsas
International Journal of Information Privacy, Security and Integrity, 2020
Specifying and Verifying Usage Control Models and Policies in TLA+
Christos Grompanopoulos, Antonios Gouglidis, Anastasia Mavridou
International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer, 2020
A Flexible ICT Architecture to Support Ancillary Services in Future Electricity Distribution Networks: An Accounting Use Case for DSOs
Anish Jindal, Jakob Kronawitter, Ramona Kühn
Martin Bor, Hermann de Meer, Antonios Gouglidis, David Hutchison, Angelos Marnerides, Andrew Scott and Andreas Mauthe Journal of Energy Informatics, 2020
Surveillance and Security: Protecting Electricity Utilities and other Critical Infrastructures
Antonios Gouglidis, Benjamin Green, David Hutchison, Ali Alshawish and Hermann de Meer
Journal of Energy Informatics, 2018
All that glitters is not gold: on the effectiveness of cyber security qualifications
William Knowles, Jose M. Such, Antonios Gouglidis, Gaurav Misra and Awais Rashid
IEEE Computer, 2017
The Extended Cloud: Review and Analysis of Mobile Edge Computing and Fog from a Security and Resilience Perspective
Syed Noorulhassan Shirazi, Antonios Gouglidis, Arsham Farshad and David Hutchison
IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 2017
Information assurance techniques: perceived cost effectiveness
Jose M. Such, Antonios Gouglidis, William Knowles, Gaurav Misra and Awais Rashid
Journal of Computers & Security , 2016
Security policy verification for multi-domains in cloud systems
Antonios Gouglidis, Ioannis Mavridis and Vincent C. Hu
International Journal of Information Security, 2014
DomRBAC: an access control model for modern collaborative systems
Antonios Gouglidis and Ioannis Mavridis
Journal of Computers & Security, 2012