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NFM ’24 O. Gunasekera et al, Real Arithmetic in TLAPM. pdf
arXiv S. Winter et al, Error Propagation Analysis for Multithreaded Programs: An Empirical Approach. pdf
Springer Open’24 E. Chuah et al, An Empirical Study of Reflection Attacks Using NetFlow Data. pdf
Space Policy’23 V. Varadharajan et al, Security Challenges When Space Merges With Cyberspace. pdf
LANMAN’23 S. Rene et al, Scalable Content-centric Routing for Hybrid ICN. pdf
DAPPS’23 N. Keizer et al, Ditto: Towards Decentralised Similarity Search for Web3 Services. pdf
IMC’23 L. Balduf et al, The Cloud Strikes Back: Investigating the Decentralization of IPFS. pdf
CAMLIS’23 S. Trawicki et al, Compilation as a Defense: Enhancing DL Model Attack Robustness via Tensor Optimization. pdf
CAMLIS’23 L. Birch et al, Model Leeching: An Extraction Attack Targeting LLMs. pdf
SSCI’23 Y. Li et al, Fuzzy Detectors Against Adversarial Attacks. pdf
IMC’23 S. Kastanakis et al, 20 Years of Inferring Inter-domain Routing Policies. pdf
DASC’23 B. Yuksek et al, Federated Meta Learning for Visual Navigation in GPS-denied Urban Airspace. pdf
NDSS’24 S. Sridhar et al, Content Censorship in the InterPlanetary File System. pdf
MASS’23 Z. Yu et al, RAFL: A Robust and Adaptive Federated Meta-Learning Framework Against Adversaries. pdf
TOPS’23 Y. Lu et al, Privacy-preserving Decentralized Federated Learning over Time-varying Communication Graph. pdf
T-ASE’23 Y. Lu et al, Transactive Energy System Deployment over Insecure Communication Links. pdf
IJCNN’23 Y. Li et al, Domain Generalization and Feature Fusion for Cross-domain Imperceptible Adversarial Attack Detection. pdf
CyBok: SSG Prof. Suri defines NCSC’s CyBOK knowledge area on Distributed Systems Security
Prof. Suri to lead LU’s ACE-CSE
Security Institute to lead £3M UKRI-TAS research node to examine cybersecurity in autonomous systems.New
MSN’22: Z. Yu et al, PPFM: An Adaptive and Hierarchical Peer-to-Peer Federated Meta-Learning Framework. pdf
ToSN’22 M. Bradbury et al, Threat Modelling Guided Trust-based Task Offloading for Resource-constrained Internet of Things. pdf
NCA’21: E. Chuah et al, Challenges in Identifying Network Attacks Using Netflow Data. pdf
COSE’21: B. Green et al, PCaaD: Towards automated determination and exploitation of industrial systems.pdf
ISPA’21: E. Chuah et al, Failure Diagnosis for Cluster Systems using Partial Correlations. pdf
SIGCOMM’21: M. Fayed, V. Giotsas et al, IP Unbound: Robust, Responsive CDN-scale service without CDN-Scale Addresses
DSN’21: K. Alharthi, E. Chuah et al, Sentiment Analysis based Error Detection for Large-Scale Systems.
ToTI’21: I. Ivkic et al, A Security Cost Modelling Framework for Cyber-Physical Systems. pdf
ICST’21: N. Coppik et al, Fast Kernel Error Propagation Analysis in Virtualized Environments. pdf
ToMC’20: S. Kastanakis et al, Network-aware Recommendations in the Wild: Methodology, Realistic Evaluations, Experiments.
JoIPSI’20: S. Mitropoulos et al, A Categorization of Policy Conflicts in Distributed Systems and Network Management. pdf
STTT’20: C. Grompanopoulos et al, Specifying and Verifying Usage Control Models and Policies in TLA+. pdf
TSE’20: R. Natella et al, Analyzing the Effects of Bugs on Software Interfaces. pdf
ToN’20, V. Giotsas et al, O Peer, Where Art Thou? Uncovering Remote Peering Interconnections at IXPs
USENIX Security ’20: C. Weir et al, “From Needs to Actions to Secure Apps? pdf
IMC’20, V. Giostas et al, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Repurposing existing measurements to identify stale traceroutes
IMC’20, T. Arnold et al, Rise of the Cloud and the Private Internet
USENIX Security CSET Workshop ’20: B. Green et al, “ICS Testbed Tetris: Practical Building Blocks Towards a Cyber Security Resource”, pdf
INFOCOM ’20: E. Gurmerilier et al,“ (How Much) Does a Private WAN Improve Cloud Performance?”
DSN ’20: H. Saissi et al, “TraceSanitizer – Eliminating the Effects of Non-determinism on Error Propagation Analysis”. pdf
NIST: V.C. Hu et al, “ General Access Control Guidance for Cloud Systems: SP 800-210”