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CyBok: SSG Prof. Suri defines NCSC’s CyBOK knowledge area on Distributed Systems Security
Prof. Suri to lead LU’s ACE-CSE
Security Institute to lead £3M UKRI-TAS research node to examine cybersecurity in autonomous systems.New
ToSN’22 M. Bradbury et al, Threat Modelling Guided Trust-based Task Offloading for Resource-constrained Internet of Things. pdf
NCA’21: E. Chuah et al, Challenges in Identifying Network Attacks Using Netflow Data. pdf
COSE’21: B. Green et al, PCaaD: Towards automated determination and exploitation of industrial systems.pdf
ISPA’21: E. Chuah et al, Failure Diagnosis for Cluster Systems using Partial Correlations. pdf
SIGCOMM’21: M. Fayed, V. Giotsas et al, IP Unbound: Robust, Responsive CDN-scale service without CDN-Scale Addresses
DSN’21: K. Alharthi, E. Chuah et al, Sentiment Analysis based Error Detection for Large-Scale Systems.
ToTI’21: I. Ivkic et al, A Security Cost Modelling Framework for Cyber-Physical Systems. pdf
ICST’21: N. Coppik et al, Fast Kernel Error Propagation Analysis in Virtualized Environments. pdf
ToMC’20: S. Kastanakis et al, Network-aware Recommendations in the Wild: Methodology, Realistic Evaluations, Experiments.
JoIPSI’20: S. Mitropoulos et al, A Categorization of Policy Conflicts in Distributed Systems and Network Management. pdf
STTT’20: C. Grompanopoulos et al, Specifying and Verifying Usage Control Models and Policies in TLA+. pdf
TSE’20: R. Natella et al, Analyzing the Effects of Bugs on Software Interfaces. pdf
ToN’20, V. Giotsas et al, O Peer, Where Art Thou? Uncovering Remote Peering Interconnections at IXPs
USENIX Security ’20: C. Weir et al, “From Needs to Actions to Secure Apps? pdf
IMC’20, V. Giostas et al, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Repurposing existing measurements to identify stale traceroutes
IMC’20, T. Arnold et al, Rise of the Cloud and the Private Internet
USENIX Security CSET Workshop ’20: B. Green et al, “ICS Testbed Tetris: Practical Building Blocks Towards a Cyber Security Resource”, pdf
INFOCOM ’20: E. Gurmerilier et al,“ (How Much) Does a Private WAN Improve Cloud Performance?”
DSN ’20: H. Saissi et al, “TraceSanitizer – Eliminating the Effects of Non-determinism on Error Propagation Analysis”. pdf
NIST: V.C. Hu et al, “ General Access Control Guidance for Cloud Systems: SP 800-210”