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PhD Theses
Nicolas Coppik: “Efficient Dependability Assessment of Systems Software”, May 2020PDF
Tsvetoslava Vateva-Gurova: “Analysis and Detection of Cache-Based Exploits”, Dec. 2019 PDF
Heng Zhang: “On the Effective Use of Data Dependency for Reliable Cloud Service Monitoring”, Nov. 2019
Habib Saissi: “On the Application of Formal Techniques for Dependable Concurrent Systems”, Mar. 2019PDF
Oliver Schwahn: “On the Efficient Design and Testing of Dependable Systems Software”, Mar. 2019PDF
Hatem Ismail: “Analyzing and Mitigating Security Threats in P2P Systems”, Sep. 2018PDF
Ahmed Taha: “Quantitative Trust Assessment in the Cloud”, Apr. 2018PDF
Kubilay Demir: “A Secure and Reliable Communication Platform for the Smart Grid”, Dec. 2017PDF
Azad Ali: “Fault-Tolerant Spatio-Temporal Compression Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks”, Nov. 2016PDF
Mohammadreza Mahmudimanesh: “Efficient Saptio-Temporal Sampling in Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Compressive Sampling”, Jul. 2015PDF
Thorsten Piper: “Assessing and Enhancing Functional Safety Mechanisms for Safety-Critical Software Systems”, Jun. 2015PDF
Daniel Germanus: “Increasing Structured P2P Protocol Resilience to Localized Attacks”, Jun. 2015PDF
Stefan Winter: “On the Utility of Higher Order Fault Models for Fault Injections”, May 2015PDF
Piotr Szczytowski: “Wireless Sensor Networks Maintenance Framework”, Apr. 2013PDF
Matthias Majuntke: “Data Consistency and Coordination for Untrusted Environments”, Sep. 2012PDF
Peter Bokor: “Efficient Verification of Fault-Tolerant Message-Passing Protocols”, Nov. 2011PDF
Dan Dobre: “Time-Efficient Asynchronous Service Replication”, Sep. 2010PDF
Marco Serafini: “Efficient and Low-Cost Fault Tolerance for Web-Scale Systems”, Sep. 2010PDF
Brahim Ayari: “Perturbation-Resilient Atomic Commit Protocols for Mobile Environments”, Sep. 2010PDF
Faisal Sheikh Karim: “Tunable Reliable Information Transport”, Jun. 2010PDF
Constantin Sârbu: “Operational Profiling of OS Drivers”, May 2009PDF
Md. Shariful Islam: “Dependability Driven System Level Co-Design and Optimization of Embedded Systems”, Dec. 2008PDF
Andréas Johansson: “Robustness Evaluation of Operating Systems”, Feb. 2008PDF
Arshad Jumka: “Automated Design of Efficient Fail-Safe Fault-Tolerance”, Nov. 2003PDF
Örjan Askerdal: “On Impact and Tolerance of Data Errors with Varied Duration in Microprocessors”, Chalmers University of Technology, Jun. 2003PDF
Vilgot Claesson: “Efficient and Reliable Communication in Distributed Embedded Systems”, Chalmers University of Technology, Dec. 2002PDF
Martin Hiller: “A Software Profiling Methodology for Design and Assessment of Dependable Software”, Chalmers University of Technology, Oct. 2002PDF